Jón Gnarr at Bessastaðir

Jón Gnarr at Bessastaðir

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Born in Reykjavík in 1967, Jón Gnarr is the youngest of four siblings, raised by his mother, Bjarney Ágústa Jónsdóttir, a housewife, and his father, Kristinn Óskarsson, a police officer. Spending his summers in the countryside, Jón developed a strong work ethic from an early age, gaining valuable experience in farming and rural life.

Despite an unconventional educational journey, attending various schools before earning his MFA degree in performing arts from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Jón found guidance and support from mentors like Guðrún Halldórsdóttir.

With a multifaceted career spanning comedy, radio, writing, and acting, Jón has left an indelible mark on Icelandic culture. His roles in television shows such as “Fóstbræður,” “Nætur-,” “Dag-,” and “Fangavaktina,” notably as Georg Bjarnfreðarson, have earned him widespread recognition. Additionally, his performances in films like “Kona fer í stríð,” “Gullregn,” and “Bjarnfreðarson” showcase his versatility and talent.

In the realm of radio, Jón’s programs, including “Tvíhöfði” and “Sirkus Jóns Gnarr,” have captivated audiences for years. He’s also made significant contributions to music, co-writing beloved songs like “Tuesday Night” and “Let’s Give Him Hope” with Sigurjón Kjartansson.

As a successful author, Jón’s fairy tales, including “Indjáninn,” “Sjóræninginn,” and “Útlaginn,” have been translated into numerous languages, earning him international acclaim.

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Jón made a significant impact in politics, leading the Best Party to victory in the 2010 local elections and serving as the mayor of Reykjavík from 2010 to 2014. His advocacy for peace and human rights, along with his active participation in LGBTQ+ rights events, earned him accolades such as the LennonOno Grant for Peace in 2014.

Jón is married to Jóga Gnarr Jóhannsdóttir, a massage therapist, and together they have five children. They reside in Reykjavík, where Jón continues to contribute to both the cultural and political landscape of Iceland.

Jón og Noam Chomsky

Certainly my favorite mayor. No competition, in fact.”
—Noam Chomsky

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